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My name is Swarup D S, from Bangalore and I would like to share my experience that I had with BIG Hospitals. At a young age, I was diagnosed with gall bladder stone which caused severe abdominal pain and nausea. I was not mentally prepared to take on surgery but the GI specialist suggested that it’s an immediate requirement as medicines and other treatments were not effective. I had a short hospital stay and a quick recovery. The hospital services and the facility, along with the best treatment, is what made me feel good about BIG Hospitals. Thank you again.

Swarup D S

I headed to BIG Hospitals when I experienced sudden sharp pain in my abdomen that extended from my navel to the chest. My habit of smoking was the main cause as I was diagnosed with Peptic Ulcer. I went through with upper endoscopy procedure. I had a short hospital stay during when, I was made sure to have a seamless treatment care by the team and most importantly the doctor Dr. Tejawi Gutti, who gave me the right treatment at the right time. Thanks to the entire BIG Hospitals team.

Shivaraj M R

I was in my deepest pain when I was diagnosed with tumour in the colon.But things changed gradually from the moment I stepped into BIG Hospitals. Lost hopes were found when I was successfully treated by BIG Hospitals team of specialists. I made a dramatic comeback and now I am feeling perfectly healthy. Thanks to BIG Hospitals for their immense support when I needed it the most.

Happy Patient

Dear Dr. Tejeswi, with the deepest gratitude, I am writing this email to you to convey my sincere thanks for the commendable work that you and your team did for the treatment of my wife. “You feel confident when you look healthy and fit” and this statement holds good to my wife after she had a bariatric surgery at BIG Hospitals. She was 107 kg and was able to lose 17kg in just 3 months. Now, she is more confident and healthier than ever before. Thanks again for the great support and care.

Gayathri, 46

I was directed to BIG Hospitals by a referral doctor for the diagnosis and treatment of gall bladder stone, and now I am very happy that I chose BIG Hospitals. The doctor was courteous and was compassionate to treat elderly patients like me. This really promoted me for faster recovery and now I am feeling completely fine.

Prithvi Raj Kothari

We had to get a very complex gastrointestinal procedure done, while we had access to several hospitals near HAL; we put our trust in Dr. Divakara and his team at a BIG Hospital. The experience at the hospital was just amazing, felt like we were being treated at home.

Srivatsa Maudgal

My grandfather came here for an esophageal stent operation and the operation went great. The service was excellent, the facilities are hygienic and sophisticated. The doctors and the staff are respectable and approachable.

Ruthwik H Param

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