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A technologically advanced Operation Theatre (OT) is the heart of any major hospital where surgical procedures are carried out in a sterile environment.

Efficient management of elective, emergency and any other surgical procedures in an OT impacts significantly on the surgical outcome. Factors like clutter-free architectural design of an OT, interiors and effective processes and governance set the key elements to increase in success rate of surgeries. An ideal OT should be able to meet NABH and international standards to achieve less post-operative recovery time.

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As we enter in the modern day, we observe a new trend in diagnostic & therapeutic procedures where they are more often being performed through minimal access.

BIG Hospitals is known for the premiere facility for both routine and complex interventions and is the centre for Endoscopic and Laparoscopic procedures. The premiere facility with brand new state of the art Endoscopic suites are specifically designed for the best practice. The suites are well equipped, well organised, spacious (enough to transfer a morbid obese patient who is vulnerable) and have an efficient setup to promote safe and efficient outcomes.

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BIG Hospitals is focused on treating patients with life-threatening illnesses or injuries with standard monitoring protocols and best-in-class facilities including a complete line of modern supply units with round-the-clock expert’s availability and support staff.

The division of ICU in BIG Hospitals has dedicated ICU doctors, nurses, and allied staff with well-defined policies, procedures and integrated services. At BIG Hospitals, ICU is designed in such way that it allows a direct line of vision between the patient and the central nursing station, and located near ER and OT which is easily accessible to clinical lab and operating rooms.

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With the increased availability of high-tech medical imaging, BIG Hospitals promises to bring medical imaging to a broader segment to all the patients by providing diagnostic, therapeutic and international radiologic services using the advanced equipment available.

BIG Hospitals continues to deliver greater value in medical imaging using expert team of radiologists, radiographers and technician with expertise supported by specialised machines to ensure that the hospital delivers on its commitment to bringing only the best to its patients. The team acquires and interprets imaging using range of high-end imaging equipment, brings together a commitment to personalised care in delivering accurate clinical interpretations.

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The use of diagnostic laboratory tests plays a crucial aspect in clinical practice since they assist clinicians in establishing evidence-based practices.

BIG Hospitals has a medical diagnostic laboratory that offers a full range of laboratory services, following strict norms and international guidelines for procedures. We have a strong commitment to providing confident diagnosis that is fit for purpose and provide accurate results which are of paramount importance in contributing to the protection of consumer health and help to limit healthcare spending. At BIG, lab services are emphasised on to provide quality, accurate, reliable, consistent and timely report.

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BIG Hospitals is one of the most advanced tertiary care private super specialty hospital that has a unique combination of top-notch GI specialists and consultants and best in the class infrastructure facility to ensure top-grade health care to the patients.

Built on a vast area of around 35,000 sq. ft., the hospital facility design is attractive, highly functional and meets the modern facility system requirements. The outpatient services are spread on two floors with 12 consultation rooms. The whole campus has centralised AC and Wi-Fi connectivity, with sophisticated interior design encouraging a calm and relaxed environment, faster recovery, improvised healing and enhanced quality of patient care.

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In a hospital, comfort and privacy, in addition to efficient patient care, is one of the most important factors that is kept into consideration. Having one’s privacy invaded can be a stressful and uneasy situation for any patient. IPD (Indoor Patient Department) single rooms largely contribute in improving patient’s emotional and psychological wellbeing during his/her stay without compromising the individual’s privacy.

To improve the satisfaction of a patient, BIG Hospitals is facilitated by both private, semi private or twin shared room offering world class residential accommodation, that are air-conditioned, Wi-Fi enabled, furnished with an adjustable bed and television. Patients in single occupancy rooms are large enough to accommodate family members. At BIG Hospitals, patients are assured to have a pleasant stay with a calm and relaxed environment.

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The Emergency Department plays a pivotal role in providing the public with access to acute healthcare. Ambulatory services take on greater significance when a matter of few minutes can contribute in saving a life. The purpose of the Emergency Department is to receive, triage, stabilise and provide acute health care to patients in case of acute GI emergencies.

BIG Hospitals understands the value of patient’s time and life during critical situation and aims to serve the immediate care with a team of dedicated doctors and allied staff operating round the clock. Patient’s arrival to BIG during an emergency is facilitated by dedicated ambulance that has separate entry and exit system streamlined to receive and treat ambulatory patients.

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