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As we enter in the modern day, we observe a new trend in diagnostic & therapeutic procedures where they are more often being performed through minimal access.

BIG is known for the premiere facility for both routine and complex interventions and is the centre for Endoscopic and Laparoscopic procedures. The premiere facility with brand new state of the art Endoscopic suites are specifically designed for the best practice. The suites are well equipped, well organised, spacious (enough to transfer a morbid obese patient who is vulnerable) and have an efficient setup to promote safe and efficient outcomes.

BIG has created marked technological advances in Endoscopic procedures supported by advanced optics and superior visualisation systems. State-of-the-art facility provides the environment and equipment for rapid, accurate, and less painful examination of the entire digestive tract and adjacent structures.

The Suite is facilitated by

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used for diagnosing disorders of the digestive tract with a thin flexible tube that has a light source and camera attached to it.

Colonoscopy is a non-surgical diagnostic test to examine the outer lining of the colon (large intestine) and later part of small intestine for any visible abnormalities, this is made of thin long flexible tube with a light and tiny camera on its tip. Colonoscopy would require some preparation before this procedure can be performed.

Side View Duodenoscopy: This is a type of endoscopic procedure done to examine the duodenum for any abnormalities with a side-viewing device called duodenoscope.

NBI (Narrow Band Imaging): Specialised endoscopy using blue light that can detect cancers early and also precancerous lesions which can be missed in regular endoscopy.

EUS (Endoscopic Ultra Sonography) with ultrasound probe at the tip of the endoscope.

• Can differentiate malignancy from chronic benign diseases
• Stages the diseases in case of cancer for planning an appropriate treatment plan
• To take ultrasound guided biopsy specimens
• Used as an effective aid in endoscopic surgeries

Pediatric endoscope: Pediatric endoscope: A 5.5 mm scope for the pediatric age groups offering advanced and therapeutic endoscopy procedures. Used for diagnosing and managing the conditions related to Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal tract in children.

GI Manometry: Used for diagnosing and managing Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal motility disorders effectively.

Multichannel Impedance and Ph studies: Used for accurate assessment of reflux disorders that detects acidic, neutral and alkaline reflux.

Breath Test: A non-invasive tool to evaluate organic overgrowth, malabsorption syndromes and chronic diarrhoea. Also a tool to document eradication of H.pylori infection.

Capsule Endoscopy: A new tool to evaluate inaccessible areas of small intestines.

Endoscopy Reprocessors: Endoscope Reprocessors are the devices widely used to reprocess endoscopes, colonoscope, duodenoscopes, and other endoscopic accessories to decontaminate them between uses.

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